Introducing Goldbrunn: You want to know where you can order melting furnaces? We lay it on the line!

Foundation of the company

Ever since human history, precious metals play an important role. However, even at present time gold has a significant place in the economic process. Realistically, this will not change in the near future.

There are various options when dealing with precious metals like gold or silver. The brand Goldbrunn specializes in the actual formatting of melting furnaces and therefore offers devices for professional use.

Products for creative minds with aspiration
With the help of our furnaces you can professionally melt gold, silver or copper and pour it into new molds. The quantities can vary depending on the respective model. In other words, we offer our customers a creative opportunity to work with the most valuable and sustainable elements of our planet.

Goldbrunn generally sees itself as supplier of the devices required, whereby enthusiasm for working with precious metals is indeed present when designing our equipment. This is shown in the user-friendliness and durability of our melting furnaces.

Our vision: Innovation and professionalism
Down to many years of experience coupled with the production of innovative melting furnaces Goldbrunn succeeded in establishing itself on the market. The long-term optimization our products has always been our goal, which means that all equipment in our range is constantly improving. We make sure that every single device steadily adapts to the latest innovations and technologies available on the market.