1. Ambition

What are the features and benefits of our devices? When manufacturing Goldbrunn melting furnaces our goal is to fully automate the molten metal bath, not only to simplify the work processes but also to optimize it for all users: since our melting furnaces require little operation and monitoring, your hands remain freely so you can continue to work during the melting process. Make the best of your work time and combine efficiency with automatic control.

Simple operation and maintenance Moreover we want to produce devices which are easy to maintain with less rework. Our melting devices require little maintenance and the upkeeping is very straightforward and self-explaining in.

Convenient handling does not mean that the melting device cannot be adjusted to suit individual needs. Due to the convertible crucible you can use the melting furnace for the metal that you intend to work with.

Durch den austauschbaren Tiegel können Sie Ihren Schmelzofen für das Metall benutzen, welches Sie auch verarbeiten möchten. Dieses Gerät ist also nicht von Anfang effizient, sondern erweiterbar und modulierbar.